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In our store you will see tags and pins of all shapes and sizes.
Should you require a bespoke item in terms of size, frequency or colour please contact us.
We hold vast stocks of Radio Frequency and Acousto Magnetic Labels.
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What Is A Security Tag – How Can It Help?

Able to be placed on the inside or the outside of products or their packaging, retail security tags are designed to set off an alarm when they are passed through a shops exit. This is in hopes of detecting a theif. 

The tags are able to be detached or deactivated by specialist tools this ensures that any genuine customers aren’t placed in any potentially embarrassing situations as they leave the store. Security Tags are able to be used on almost any type of product imaginable, whether it’s clothing, drinks or DVDs, their wide range of use by retailers should show how effective they are.

Security tags also means you will not have to spend a lot of money on external security guards to protect your shop. With a good investment into security tags and the appropriate equipment the need for a security guard will cease to exist.

Protect Your Store With Security Tag Shop

Here at Security Tag Shop we have a wide range of security tags and accessories that are designed to protect your stock and ultimately, your business’ profits. Affordable, easy-to-use and extremely reliable, there has never been a better time to implement security tags on your products.

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Thanks to our superior security tags your clothing items will never be stolen again.

Easily Attachable

Each tag can be easily applied any type of clothing

Small & Hidden

Our tags are small and compact allowing your display to still look good.

Cheap prices

At Security Tag Shop we are always making sure you get the best deal possible

pay online

Pay online and get our security tags delivered directly to you


Our security tags are guaranteed to last a long time so you only have to buy them once

magnetic proof

Our tags are not in anyway damaged by magnets. This ensures your inventory is always safe

Have a question?

Security Tag shop have a dedicated customer service team who are willing to help you with any equires you may have about our products, service or even to help you navigate the website. Do not hestinate to contact us